Today, Matthew and I slept in, ate brunch, and set out on an adventure! I've been wanting to go to the Mapparium for ages, so we bundled up and trecked into town see it. It was definitely very cool, and I for only $6, I'd highly recommend it. How often do you get to stand inside a three-story high globe?

Anyway, I brought my camera, thinking I'd practice with my Lensbaby (which I'm still struggling with). I did take a few pictures, but I've decided that my real art for the day was the "inspirational scrapbook image" I created in the "Quest Gallery" at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. Seen projected on the wall to the left.

I think Matthew made some art too: in the "Quest Gallery" there was some computers you could use to do research on the Chirstian Science Monitor (which is an excellent publication, by the way). Matthew, being all tech savvy and whatnot, knew how to navigate away from the site it was set to, and directed it instead to Zombocom. The rest of our time there, we could hear "Welcome to Zombocom! Anything is possible at Zombocom!" echoing through the gallery. Nice.


p_x_g said...

I want to got to the Mapparium! Zombocom!

Matthew Simoneau said...

Anything is possible with Christian Science, no wait I mean with Zombocom. The only limit is yourself.