This was an emotional day, kittens!

My supervisor and fearless leader for only seven and a half months has moved on, and Friday, January 22nd was her last day. We did a pretty good job pretending it wasn't going to happen - which isn't to say that it wasn't talked about. Actually, the picture above was taken on Tuesday when we all went out for lunch together (that's Elizabeth in pink at the end). There were plenty of other celebrations and things to talk about. But we didn't really acknowledge it until the very end.

Late Thursday night, I slipped out of bed after Matthew was asleep and sat in the living room and wrote her a letter. I revised it in the morning, and at work I went into the art room and put it on cheery yellow construction paper which I decorated with pink polka dots and blue flowers done in oil pastels. The letter basically said that she's amazing and that I appreciated the time we worked together, but really it's mostly between us.

[oh, and I should also mention that all the heartbreakiness of Elizabeth leaving was sandwiched between two wonderful things: breakfast with darling Geoff and his girlfriend Brittany... far too short of a visit! And then going out dancing with Matthew and his parents at their local community center... where we may have gotten a round of applause!]

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