Thursday was not a good day for art-making. Nearing the end of a crisis-filled week, I got home at 11pm, noticed a square of clean tinfoil on the kitchen table, and half-heartedly tried to sculpt something out of it. Friday morning I threw the creased and crumpled thing away.

In retrospect, on both Wednesday and Tuesday I at very least attempted something. I just neglected to push through the frustration, or even document the results because something in me labeled them unacceptable. A "failed" attempt is better than no attempt at all, and in the future I think I'll try to make some sort of record of it and post it here.

I did make some things that I'm proud of on Thursday, including beginning the creation of a group curriculum that will be used at work, and I made up some new ways of communicating and being planful with my girls. That's a different sort of creativity, I guess.

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