On Springing!

It's here! That's forsyntia, by the way.

On Springing Forth... Eventually

Bill got his dad all hooked up with wireless internet, an old laptop, and email. Usually this generates a fair amount of silliness. For instance, on March 17: "happy st. pats day everyone. i have my green underwear on." Or on March 23: "somebody forgot to tell the weatherman that it is now officially spring. maybe tomorrow? anyway- happy easter")

Today he sent this:
spring has arrived in montpelier. i just saw my first robin. the back roads are so muddy and rutted as to make them impassable to but the very brave, those who don't give a damn or those who absolutely must for duty or survival. we thought spring with enough fervor that at last somebody somewhere listened. please take care and lots of good wishes to all with love------- grandpa

I love that. It is simple and poetic. It says something about his signs of spring.
For me, spring arrives after the crocuses and the robins, although they are harbingers. For me, spring has arrived when the whole world looks at if it's been dusted with green and when the forsythia blooms outside my childhood home.

It hasn't happened yet, but I'll tell you when.

How can you tell spring has arrived?