My Bathroom

As promised, photos of my bathroom.  Perhaps one of the least exciting rooms of the house, yet still quite essential.

After a hotly contested debate between Bailey and me about the pros and cons of various shower curtains, we finally just went to Target together and very quickly settled on these relaxing greens and blues which went perfectly with the cool blue walls.

In the photo above you can tell that the window is frosted.  I DID THAT!  I'm very proud, I have to point it out to everyone.  Also, that's a great showerhead.

Above the sink and toilet... some memorabilia.

Next up, the living room!  And then I'll have covered all the common living spaces and you'll have to wait a little bit to see my bedroom, because it's not finished yet.
Stay tuned!

My Kitchen

I've been taking photos of my apartment, as promised and especially for Ashley who asks every time I talk to her.  Let's start with the kitchen, as it is the heart of every home, and the most finished room of the house so far, and also it's my favorite.  TA DAH:

I have a couch in my kitchen, which is probably the COOLEST THING EVER.  When I told people I was thinking about doing it, they were... unsure.  But do you see?  It is perfect for reading in the afternoon sunlight with a mug of tea, or sipping wine while dinner cooks, or chatting with friends, or curling up on with some warm banana bread.  It's even good for napping (as long as you're not too tall).
That door to the left goes to our pantry/closet/laundry room (Thanks to Bailey).  The door on the right is the backdoor to the apartment.

This is the view while standing at the backdoor.  Here you can see the only counter space, the only cupboards, and the ONLY DRAWER in the whole kitchen!  The drawer has silverware in it.
That hallway leads to the bathroom and Bailey's room.

The windows look out onto the backyard (yes, backyard).  The kitchen table and chairs belonged to Bill's grandma.  The table against the wall only cost $50!  I have to send this photo to the lovely couple I bought it from.

Just a little detail.  I love this tablecloth from Anthropologie (on sale), and I try to keep fresh flowers around as often as possible.

Another detail.  SEE THE STRIPES!  They are very subtle, but I love them.

There you have it: a tour of the kitchen.  Next... the bathroom.  Seriously.

I know, I know!

Look, I know, okay? I know! You keep checking and I haven't updated a thing, I know. And I know there are things I should update about. Rachel visiting, the move, my new classes... as if life itself isn't interesting enough! So, I'm really sorry, okay? I'll get to it. And I'll post photos of the apartment. You're being a good sport and I'm not keeping up my end of the bargin. Just hang tight.