I got up bright and early this morning and set to work on my group curriculum. It starts next Thursday, and it's pretty much all planned, but I have to put it all together (which takes more work than I'd like to acknowledge).

One of the activities I devised on this day (as opposed to adapting from a book) is designed to help group members learn how anger feels in their own bodies. Each group member will be given a paper showing an outline of a person and art supplies to share. From the curriculum:

Ask them to remember what it [the anger] felt like in their body. Did they feel it in their chest, in their hands and feet, or somewhere else in their body? What did their face feel like? What colors was their anger? Invite them to use the art materials to illustrate the anger on the figure on the worksheet. Give them permission to write words to describe the texture, temperature, weight, etc of their anger.

I'm hoping that this activity will help the group members to recogize then sensations they have when they feel angry, so later in the group they can take the opportunity to use the coping skills we'll learn to intervene before their anger gets the better of them.

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