On too much time

I know I just posted that thing about how I have all these wonderful friends and whatnot. It's still true, it hasn't changed.

But now I've returned to normal life and the social engagements have diminished drastically. It's okay, I need the time go get things done. However, it's only the beginning of the semester and things haven't gotten too chaotic yet and I feel lonely. All wanting for companionship that had sort of gone away or been crushed by busyness is all back again and I don't much like it.

I think it'll go away again. By the time my first paper is due (a month from now) I'll be all "friends? I ain't got no time for having friends" (because that's how I talk). But right now it's not much fun.

So, hi! Sorry to post something cranky and/or depressing. Hope you don't mind!

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