On Some Other Good Stuff

Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention some other cool things, in addition to the stellar field-placement opportunity (keep thinking positive thoughts for me, people!):

First, I send a little update to one of my professors from undergrad and got back the most lovely, warm response within hours. It made me laugh out loud and tear up a little bit. It totally made my day.

Also, someone I know (sorta) saw the photo I took above and said that I probably live in an anthropologie catalog. Now, while living in a catalog is perhaps a little contrived and materialistic, this was a huge complement because I would love to be the kind of woman who surrounds herself with beautiful, eclectic, and unusual things, which is sort of what Anthropologie represents to me.

And I made a chocolate cake for no reason at all.

And I feel beautiful these days.

Also, when the faculty contact for the Beth Israel placement saw my resume she said it looked spectacular, which is a huge vote of confidence and meant I owed my dad a call for all the help he gave me with it!

And I think that's it for now, but that's a lot of things to feel great about. I'll savor them for awhile.

PS: Could people offer some thoughts on wardrobes for this interview... supposing I get it? Do I need a suit?!


Mike Palic said...

A suit couldn't hurt...

Good luck!

Molly said...

i'd look flipping awesome in a suit. people would quake at my approach.

Mike Palic said...

Go for it then ;)

Ashley said...

Do you have one? If so, wear it, but if not, I wouldn't think that you'd need to buy one for this. However, shopping is fun.