On Roaches!

So I had my first week at my feild placement. I'm there two days a week, and my first day just happened to fall on the day of the annual fund-raising golf tournament... so I spent my first day as a social work intern standing in pink metalic kitten-heels on the third fairway, handing out, and maybe partaking in, maybe not, I really can't say) jello shots and rummy-bears, selling raffle tickets, and informing the players of the closest to the pin competition. It was great. I now have a reputation as a pushy sales-woman.
My second day I nearly fell asleep in a two-hour staff meeting, but then I went on some home visits. At the first there were roaches. I was very good, I did not react. At the second there was a twenty-year-old drug addicted mother who looked at us with her big brown eyes and lied. I know, because I read her file. I kept thinking "you're my brother's age, you're so pretty. you're supposed to be in college, fighting with her boyfriend who's on the hockey team, having great make-up sex, getting good grades". I kept thinking "It's not even possible that you're fighting an addition, that you gave birth to a daughter nine months ago." That's exactly what I'm NOT supposed to be thinking.

I updated my faculty supervisor about my experiences. She said not to wear sweaters or coats into roach-infested homes because they might hitch a ride out with me and into my home. This really freaks me out. I immediately emptied my briefcase and shook it all out. No roaches. But still.

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Ashley said...

Ick!!! Just another reason why i could not handle your job.

You are amazing, Miss Molly.