On Faithfulness

Today I made apple-butternut squash soup. It is delicious. But I was listening to the radio and a country song came on about being faithful. It got me thinking:

Faith is a noun that means complete trust or confidence, or a strong belief based on spiritual understanding rather than proof. Therefore, if being faithful means that you are full of faith, it means that you trust your partner explicitely, just because you believe in them.

But that means that if you're UNfaithful, it's because YOU have lost your trust for THEM, not the other way around. That makes sense. I have always felt that if you cheat on a relationship it casts doubt on everything that both of you do. If you have something to hide, who's to say your partner doesn't also have something to hide? And so if you are unfaithful, it truly means that you can no longer have complete trust in your relationship, that you have lost your faith.

I just thought it was an interesting way of looking at it.

photo by paulaferrary, on Flickr. Click the title above to link.


susan sabo photography said...

wow. that's quite an interesting take on unfaithfulness. i'm going to be thinking about that for awhile.

Molly said...

Did you ever decide on anything, Susan?