The Best I Can Do Is To Do My Best

I used 5 different lotions every day. Aveno Naturally Radiant Moisturizer on my face after I wash it, a combination of Lubriderm and the Estee Lauder Pleasures scented body lotion on my arms and body when I get out of the shower, Jergen’s Naturally Smooth body lotion on my legs when I get out of the shower, and I put on hand cream every night before I go to bed. Every now and then I used baby oil to keep from getting dried out. In the summer, the regimen changes and there are, if you can believe it, more lotions getting slathered onto my skin. Could I cut back on this number drastically? Of course, and I’d probably still have pretty soft skin. But there are reasons why I do it this way and it works.

Similarly, I have 3 to-do lists: one in the date book that I carry with me so I can jot things down when I think of them; one on my computer that is color coded, prioritized, and arranged by due date; and one that is a print-out of the computer list which only shows the items on their due dates. I do this because when I finish something I feel extra accomplished when I get to cross it off 3 times instead of just once. But also because it makes me feel more organized, even if I’m not. Having 3 to-do lists just means that I have to keep those lists synchronized and up to date. If I had just one it would be 2 less things to keep track of. I just can’t seem to do it though. I NEED all 3, they each serve a purpose.

My to-do lists are 43, 29, and 18 items long, respectively. These items are things like “shave legs” (which is only on the first list) “request grad school recommendations” (which is purple and a high priority on the second list) and about 10 big items relating to finishing my final project that appear on all 3 lists.

Like most people, I have too much on my plate and I don’t know how to simplify. Our world is complex and we develop complex ways of coping with it. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. The best I can do right now is to do my best to cross off what I can on those lists, and maybe if I can manage to get them shorter I’ll be able to do away with one or 2 of them. Maybe then I can do away with some of the other things that I do that unintentionally complicate my life, like my assortment of moisturizers.

In the meantime, I’ll keep up the high maintenance I require and I will strive for simplicity where I can.

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