Words of Wisdom

The title from this blog came from a juice bottle cap (I think the brand was called Mystic, how do you like that?) I got years ago. I thought it was so perfect, I think I still have the cap someplace. No doubt I've unintentionally switched the order up, but the meaning is the same: You may not have everything under control but that isn't a bad thing, because you're strong enough to cope with all the chaos in your life. And also, you're beautiful... I don't think anyone can hear that enough.

I ordered some Christmas-type stuff from the website Omondieu! the other day. There's a link to it above. I think their projects are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm so excited for my package to come! (If you think I might have bought something for you there, just pretend you didn't see this.)
On the sales receipt they emailed me (which, I should say, was individualized for my and the products that I bought--great touch!) they ended it with this:

Love Life. Be Bold. Cause Magic.

How much do I love that?! Oh, so very much!
It's similar to the title, isn't it? 3 2-word statements which remind you of your priorities, your goals, that you're not powerless in the world, that there is beauty and magic everywhere...

Let's remind ourselves of these things more often.


Tim said...

Blogs get lonely when you don't update them often enough. :-P

Ashley said...

molly merrick, you are amazing and beautiful and i love you and your blog. keep writing, k?

susan said...

yes! omondieu! glad you found them... come see some more in a quicky trip to our gallery... next saturday we have a huge event which is featuring her newest line of posies and posie shirts to match.
great blog here... will return and read more!