Magic Sandbox, originally uploaded by Me.

I am not sleeping in. I am getting up, and I'm not making the bed but I am opening the curtains. And the windows!  I am making art. I am making breakfast. I'm having tea and two muffins in my nightgown. I am saying nice things to friends. I am dancing like a crazy person.

I am not looking at my resume. I am looking at LinkedIn, Idealist, Indeed, and SimplyHired to remind myself that I will find a job, and when that stops making me happy, I’m jumping on the bed.

I'm painting my nails. I'm doing a little bit of homework. I'm wearing a new sweater. I am wearing pigtails.

I am looking deep into my own eyes.

I am helping my brother. I am leaving the house.

Today, I am doing things for happiness. Tomorrow I’ll do things because I have to.


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