Letter to the Editor

To whom it may concern:

As a graduate of Miss Porter’s School, I’m writing to inform the editor that I am disappointed by the December 10th article about Tatum Bass’s lawsuit against the school. Vanessa de la Torre’s reporting here is irresponsible and reprehensible. The article is biased, poorly researched, and one-sided. For the record, my experience with Miss Porter’s School has been very positive. I feel that my alma mater has been misrepresented and that this civil suit is being sensationalized. I hope that moving forward your coverage of this story is more respectful, balanced, and appropriate.

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Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello Ms. Merrick,

You seem like a person of many talents. Congratulations!

I can understand your feelings regarding the Hartford Courant article. Vanessa de la Torre did acknowledge that the bulk of her information came from the civil complaint. The fact remains that she could have dug deeper and gotten more information from people with other perspectives.

If I may ask, for what kinds of personalities do you feel Miss Porter's School would be best suited?

Meanwhile, congratulations on the end of your internship, and I hope you did/do well on your evaluations and your Clinical exam!

Jeff Deutsch

Molly said...

Thanks Jeff. It's really hard to stay objective about a place and a group of people who've had such a huge influence on who I am becoming.

The girls who are best suited to MPS, in my opinion, are girls who WANT to be there, are ready to take advantage of the opportunites afforded to them there, and are ready and willing discover their strengths and to G R O W!

The evaluation went very well, thank you for your hopes. I'm just waiting for grades to be posted!

Thanks for commenting!