My Living Room

My curtains are here for my bedroom!  I just need to get someone experienced to come in and install them!  Until then: here is my living room:

Here is the view from the kitchen, to the left is the front door and just beyond that is my bedroom.  I hung those curtains all by my self!  I am awesome!
This is the view from my bedroom, looking across the living room to Rachel's room.  That chair is beautiful and one-of-a-kind and was given to me by my aunt.

This is the view from the couch.  You can see the kitchen and front door to the right.  In the cabinet is the telly and all Bailey's DVDs.  I have pretty purple sheers to put up in the glass, but my sewing machine broke.  Also, there is supposed to be some artwork to the right of the built-in but one of them fell and smashed.  I'll post another photo on flickr when the sheers are finished.
The view from Rachel's room across to my room (the door is closed because it's a mess in there!).  That painting is a life-sized self-portrait that Rachel painted.

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