On Free Publicity

Check it out, I'm FAMOUS:



Geoff said...

Now you're famous in Syracuse - I posted your photo/accomplishment in my blog: http://www.hot1079.com/pages/deafgeoff.html

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey.. Long Time since I checked in on your site. This is a beautiful picture. I don't know your musical taste but when I heard this song I thought of you.

Ashley Monroe (myspace) "When the day is done"

I like the quirky randomness of life and Ashley took place in a contest on Prarie Home Companion this weekend and her voice seared my conciousness in the same way your work does.

I dedicate this one to you!

Congrats on the San Pelligrino thing!

Your admirer in VT!

Molly said...

THANKS Geoffi-poo! Now everyone in "The 'Cuse" will love me! And it's all thanks to you. CUDDLES!

Stranger in the Frosty-Northlands:
I'm glad you like the photo (it's making me famous! or something).
As for the music I listen to. I don't listen to country often, but I grew up with Patsy Cline in the stereo. I used to dance with my grandmother to "Back in Baby's Arms." Anyway, Miss Monroe has a very pretty voice and it's a very sweet song. I can certainly relate, although it's one of those relatable songs. I don't know if I want to be friends with someone who doesn't relate to it!