On Groceries

I grocery shopped today. There was a man in front of me in the check-out line with a cart filled with apple sauce and cheerios and peanut butter and apples and pears and rigatoni and plain tomato sauce, not to mention diapers and wipes and paper towels. I asked, he told me that he has three kids under the age of five. It made my heart happy to think of those kids eatting all those good kid-foods... Pears held with both hands, cheerios picked up one at a time, apple sauce spilling on the table.
In my basket I had two boxes of chicken broth, a wedge of parmesan, a rotisserie chicken, a butternut squash, four bagels, cream cheese, a yellow onion, two artichokes, a pomegranate, and vanilla ice cream.

I made risotto with pulled roasted chicken breast, cubes of roasted butternut squash, and dried cranberries. The leftovers are in three neat containers to be meals later this week. I'm steaming the artichokes, also to eat as meals (I bring putter to melt and I eat them cold). I took all the seeds out of the pomegranate and I'm eating some of them over a bowl of ice cream.

Food is more than just fuel, isn't it?


Ashley said...

oh molly. i miss you.

Molly said...

And I miss you too!

I'm sorry I'm so crazy busy.

I love you more than I love the first snow of the year!