On today

This morning, I got an email confirming that we can extend our stay at the awesome hotel I found for Ashley and I in Rome. At camp, all my campers did a great job and got along (even the instigators!). We did a high element on the ropes course, and everyone was really supportive. I even did it, twice, and not once did I fall! I bonded with some of my coworkers, and after the kids left we went out for drinks. A friend called. When I got home, I had a letter from my BC peer advisor and a new pair of shoes I'd ordered online waiting for me. Also, an email from Rachel (there is a date for her wedding!). Right now I'm wearing the new shoes (only on mine, that yellow stripe is PINK!). And no pants. I'm going to go take a shower, and do some laundry, and read (non-fiction!).

It's been a good day, guys.

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