On Love of Drama

At work the other day one of the custodians was moving an empty filing cabinet and punctured his wrist. There was quite a lot of blood so we made him go to the nurse who turned out to be incompetent. As my boss talked to the woman on the phone with tone of combined horror and aggravation, I stayed nearby and took it all in. One of the ladies I work with turned to me, smiled and said “You love drama, don’t you?”
She has no idea. I hate to be a part of it, but I adore being in the proximity of it… this is mostly a product of my family, I think.
Her remark made me laugh at the time. But there has been a lot of drama lately. When Mae West claimed that “too much of a good thing is wonderful” I think she was probably talking about jewelry or ice cream... because even if you thrive when big things are going on, there is a limit to how much a girl can take.

Everything that is happening keeps reminding me again and again how important relationships are. I’m not referring to how valuable it is to have bonds with the people in your life – although that’s also important. I’m talking about the roles that we play and how we’re connected.
Have you ever held someone’s hands and then both of you leaned way back and balanced one another’s weight? If one of the two people falls or lets go to scratch his elbow the other person is going to lose balance or fall. Imagine that balance with more people, now. Imagine your family, or everyone you know, or even the whole world. If one person changes or disappears every one is going to be affected until the balance is found again.
I am in the midst of that post-change confusion. There are nodes in my network, including me, who have disappeared or shifted or let go and now every one and ever thing is stumbling about.
I trust that equilibrium will be found again, but in the meantime it’s sloppy and scary. And for now, drama is not something I love.


Postscript: I like this photo for it’s simplicity and the different levels of meaning it carries for me. I know that it's probably as cryptic as the entry itself. I've left a lot of details out because this isn't the place for stuff like that. But you can always ask and I might tell you.

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