Happy May Day!

An arbitrary story from my life:

I usually don't shower in the morning because I babysit almost every day and I prefer to shower when I get home so I can wash off any squished food or playdough.
But today I have a few meetings I'd like to look less scruffy for, so this morning I got up and showered before class. While I was standing in my shower shoes I thought to myself that I would be doing this every morning after graduation because I start my great new job on May twenty-second. I'll be working in the Special Education program at the Acton-Boxborough Regional School System. I thought to myself "I won't be able to wear jeans to work, I might get confused for one of the students!" and then I realized that there's no way that anyone will confuse me for someone under 18.

I guess I'm a grown-up. eek!

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Tim said...

not necessarily! witness julie's expoits from substituting at RJ Grey (shudder):