Often I Feel Like I Can't

I don't write here often because I want write from an optimistic, insightful, inspired place; and I want to do it honestly.

This dissatisfaction makes me ache.


Tim said...

I know that feeling. It's a hard place to find. On the up side, your photos are amazing...I'm always excited when you post new ones. :-)

Rachel said...

No one as beautiful as you should be allowed to forget your own power for a single moment. I don't even worry about you anymore.

I read a passage the other day in a book from the fifth century: a man is depressed and complaining that life is too much for him, fortune is always changing and he can't find anything constant and true. But Lady Fortune replies: I take nothing from you that is truly yours. The things which truly belong to you, I cannot take from you.

Of everyone I know, you are probably the richest in things over which Fortune has no power. Stay true to them.